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MUSICIAN IGNITION: How To Create Blueprints For A Successful Music Career

Ready to start a music career?

This isn’t like any book you’ve ever read about music career tactics. It has no fluff or trendy advice on how to be discovered and become a star. Instead, it is life-tested strategies that work.

Your dream, Your way

It’s a great time to start a music career. There are more opportunities than ever before.

However,  it can be overwhelming:

  • Are there blueprints? A career path?
  • How do you get started?
  • What should you be learning?
  • How much music theory?
  • Should you learn to read music?
  • Do you need a website? Recordings? Bio?

The Basics

They are the same for everybody. You don’t have to guess anymore. Instead, you can learn to speak the language of Rhythm, Melody & Harmony.

Musical Art

You hear music when nobody else does… Compose it, Improvise it, Record it, Mix and Produce it.  Find your voice and develop it.

Business Savvy

You’ve done the work to become a great musician. Now take it from hobby to business. You can learn to make money with your music. Ready?

Find Your Vibe

Upgrade your musicpreneur vision.

Start a music career the right way … with proven music career resources and tools for Creative and Business success.

Tools and Resources

It’s a great time to start a music career. Musician Ignition is full of strategies to help you become your musical best and take your music from ideas to iTunes.

Image of Musicpreneur Toolkit cover

No matter how experienced or smart, you need  great tools and resources to start a music career. This all-in-one resource saves you Time, Energy and Money.

OUT OF PRINT. The updated course will be available as an online subscription Fall 2021. The best system available to help you learn the language of music.

Don’t try to start a music career without mastering the basics of RHYTHM. It’s the one thing that affects everything musical you’ll ever do. Coming Soon!

Introductory Offer - Musician Ignition BONUS PACK

Musician Ignition is a stand-alone resource to help start a music career. But for a limited time, we have bundled a collection of power tools to help you reach your goals even faster.



20 Rules




Image of Musicpreneur Toolkit cover

Get what you need to start a music career the right way!

Stop Wishing and Start Building

Number of wannabe musicians in every city in the world

Number of musicians actually working on what matters

Number of musicians waiting to be discovered and become famous

Percentage of musicians building a real music career

Where are you?

Plan It

Career Building?

Keyboard Skills

Mastering the Basics?

Recording it

Creating your Art?

Wasting time?

Reach out to us with questions.

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Are you ready to start a Music Career?

Vibe Guy Music was created from proven strategies for great musicianship. We give you tools and resources to start a music career today – the Right Way.

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