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The Music Career Resource for Emerging Artists

Are you an Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Teacher or all-around Musicpreneur?

Whatever your unique musical vision is – Vibe Guy Music has you covered.

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Your dream, Your way

It’s a great time to build a music career. There are more opportunities than ever before.

But it can be overwhelming:

  • Are there blueprints? A career path?
  • How do you get started?
  • What should you be learning?
  • How much music theory?
  • Should you learn to read music?
  • Do you need a website? Recordings? Bio?

The Basics

They’re the same for everybody. You don’t have to guess anymore. You can learn to speak the language of Rhythm, Melody & Harmony.

Musical Art

You hear music when nobody else does. You Compose it, Improvise it, Record it, Mix and Produce it.  Find your voice and develop it.

Business Savvy

You’ve done the work to become a great musician. Now take it from hobby to business. You can learn to make money with your music. Ready?

Finding Your Vibe

Upgrade your musicpreneur vision.

Get inspired with the web’s most practical source of tools for Creative and Business success.

Courses and Books

COST: $27.00

COST: $17.00

COST: $97.00

COST: $127.00

Number of wannabe musicians in every city in the world

Number of musicians actually working on what matters

Number of musicians waiting to be discovered and become famous

Percentage of musicians building a real music business

Where are you?

Plan It


Keyboard Skills

Master the Basics

Recording it

Creative Artistry

Get Busy


Reach out to us with questions.


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Vibe Guy Music creates high-quality music products that help you prepare for the real world – without real world prices.

Practical and proven courses, books and studies help you become the best musician you can be. Our products are created from experience to ignite what’s expected and required of you, not opinions or fads.

Every product has a money-back guarantee and is downloadable exclusively through our 100% secure SSL encrypted website.


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