Hello Rational Discourse members!

Thanks for coming by and giving me permission to use the picture Frank Zipperer took of you guys in action. I’m collecting the signatures so Frank doesn’t have to. Below is a model-release form with standard legalese.

This is not an endorsement from you! I love Frank’s work, and want to use it. I could just use a stock photo, but would prefer to go with something original, and if it shows off some of my musician friends in the process – all the better.

You can read the release document (pdf link below), then check the Model Release Checkbox, and submit it. That is sufficient. Or, if you prefer, you can download, print and return it to me (scan or snail mail).

  • pbabelay@bellsouth.net
  • 55 Heritage Mtn Place Fairview, NC 28730

Thank you! Contact me w/ any questions. Also, I’m happy to send you a complimentary pdf of the book, “Musician Ignition” if you like.




Model Release Checkbox

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