Musician Ignition

“How To Build a Successful Music Career… Even if You’re Broke, Just getting Started, or Totally Unknown”

Ready to Stop Wishing and  Start Building?

This isn’t like any book you’ve ever read about how to start a music career.

Here is just Some of what You will Learn in Musician Ignition…


The #1 Strategy that all successful musicians use.

It’s so simple you won’t believe it. (Page 12)


Get the gig you want. Learn what is needed and how to deliver it.

These four Rules will help you Get & Keep the gig. (Page 28)


Understand what professional jobs and gigs are looking for.

You may be surprised to learn –  It is not the prodigy or virtuoso. (Page 16)


Three Magic Questions.

People will sell you lots of answers – but you only need 3. (Page 43)


Define your musical “sweet spot. ”

It’s not about fans, likes and money. Ask Betty Ray.(Page 67)


Tired of trying to go viral and jump to the top?

You can’t skip the process. Find the Gold in the Journey with this reality check. (Page 71)


Are you "good enough" for a music career? Let's settle this question forever.

Here’s how to honestly answer this one – and remove that nagging fear forever. (Page 32)


Time is short. Learn to maximize your potential.

A smart plan to maximize your time and energy. (Page 49)


Learn to define your most unique musical strength.

Your music career should be built around this one thing. (Page 75)


One simple word you must know to reach your musical goals.

If you don’t use it – you are headed to certain failure. (Page 6)


Be ready for the toughest challenge music pros encounter.

This is why music schools keep the doors open. (Page 3)


Are you a musical snob?

This career-killer can be remedied to become a student/maestro of any musical genre. (Page 26)


Silence the 2 Deadly Musician Myths.

Drive a stake into the hearts of these lies forever. (Page 32)


Looking for Overnight Success?

A 21st century music career is still achieved the same way – one step at a time. (Page 62)

If you want to start a music career, this could be the most valuable book you’ll ever read.

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No matter where you are today…

Or your vision for the future

You can create blueprints for a successful music career

In my opinion, you’ve laid out a step by (baby step) plan for any committed student to find success and fulfillment in our industry. Comprehensive, straight forward, based on decades of experience. Sure glad you’re doing this and thought you did a great job.

Bill Berg

Drummer/Producer, Flim & the BB’s, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan/ Grammy nominee for work in “Beauty and the Beast”

I absolutely LOVE this. You have explored, in depth, the topics I try to communicate to my students. Now, it is all in one place! Bravo. I want all of my students to read this. I found it very easy to read, positive, and thorough.

Wendy Jones

Voice Instructor/Professional Vocalist/CCM Voice Specialist

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive, “whole person” approach to the music business – and it is refreshing.  This has made me rethink some of my own efforts, given me hope for future endeavors, and answered some questions I didn’t know I had.

Jim Beaver

Guitarist/ Composer/ Director –

I really love the worksheets at the end and think they are a great, specific way for budding musicians to hone in on their strengths and weaknesses and start to develop a plan to create a career in the music business as well as a life!

Amy Jones

Music Director/Choreographer

If I were to sum up your book, I’d say you are to the musician as Tony Robbins is to the individual….. Bringing clarity by defining what you really want with practical steps to carry out success.

Dave Stewart

guitar, banjo, mandolin player, songwriter

But you have a Decision to make

Get Confused & Frustrated…


Musician Ignition gives you a proven strategy

Prepare for the Gig you Want

Singer  Producer  Arranger

Instrumentalist  Conductor

Songwriter  Engineer



“The music business isn’t just about music.”

 Empower yourself with a Proven Strategy

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“All you ever have is your excuses or motivation. You can either sleep all day, or stay up all day. It’s really all about Empowering Yourself.”

-John Mayer

Musician Ignition: Start a music career in the music business

A successful music career is built like any other successful career – with a smart, effective strategy. Musician Ignition can help you create that strategy.

And despite the hype of “how to go viral” and secrets to overnight success – the music business  works like it always has…

Musician Ignition: One Step @ A Time

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