How To Read Music

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Thank you for allowing me to be part of your musical journey. I don’t know where you are in the process, or what your musical dreams are, but I hope this course helps you achieve everything you want… logo for website

Introduction: How to Read Music - SEE it, SAY it, PLAY it

Learning how to read music should be a natural process of seeing, hearing, imitating and saying the basic vocabulary of music – just as you learned to speak and read your own language… logo for website

Having a Mentor

My father taught thousands of people how to read music. He was a band director, respected and admired by students and fellow teachers for his ability to teach and mentor young musicians… logo for website

How to Practice

Music has so many elements to learn – Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form, Dynamics, Tone, Expression, Styles, etc… it can seem like a life-long study that will never be finished… logo for website

Mental Checklist

This is a 5-step process to help you define your goals and accomplish them. It can help you stay on task and always work on the Basic Elements… logo for website

Practice Routine Chart

I would suggest you print this chart as you are learning to practice. Mark it up however you need because it is your personal journal for achievments, problems, goals and honest assessment… logo for website

A Word to the Wise

Learning how to read music is fun and rewarding, but like any goal or dream, it won’t happen overnight. Be patient…

how to read music-see it, say it, play it by Paul Babelay
Paul Babelay - author of How To Read Music: See it, Say it, Play it.

Paul Babelay


(aka “The Vibe Guy”) is an American vibraphonist, percussionist, drummer and composer.  Ray Hair, President of the American Federation of Musicians says, “I would categorize his musicianship and performance ability to rate among the top five (5) percent of all professional musicians throughout the United States and Canada”.