Practice Routine Chart

In this lesson we learn how to develop a routine that gets results. We don’t all learn at the same rate, so practicing to your strengths/weaknesses is key to real progress.


OK, we’ve already learned techniques for How to Practice, and we even have a Mental Checklist to help us prepare to practice. Now we’re going to get brutally honest about our strengths and weaknesses so we can supercharge our practice time.

Strength & Weakness?


Music basics are the same for everyone – but we don’t all learn them the same way.

For some, 16th Notes are easy, but Time Signatures are confusing.

One person can easily move from note to note on the recorder, while somebody else has finger fumble. We’re all different.

That’s the beauty of music, we all are going to play it differently. Music is not a cookie-cutter skill.

How do you figure out your strengths and weaknesses? They will become clear as you move through the course lessons.

It’s easy:

Some things will be hard to do, and some will be simple.

If you’re willing to admit you can’t do something, congratulations… you’re ready to learn how. Your ego won’t get in the way, and you can practice to improve.

Basic Elements

The focus is Rhythm, Pitch, Technique, Tone & Terms.

Trust me, that’s not just in this course. Vocalists, guitarists, saxophonists, keyboardists and musicians of all shapes and flavors continually practice these elements. It’s our language.

This Practice Routine Chart can help honestly assess your progress.

Paper & Pencil

There are times in this course when old-school is best. Just like you learned your ABC’s with paper and pencil (not a computer), so you will learn music notes.  Obviously, the computer is great for some things, but writing notes, rests & rhythms down w paper, pencil seems to “stick” better. You have to write them down to really get it.

If you have your own manuscript paper, you can print out multiple copies of this Practice Routine Chart 2 here. There is no staff on Practice Routine Chart 2 and it includes more details for your goals.

Here is a link to manuscript paper for you to print.