Assemble the Recorder

Your recorder must be assembled correctly in order to work properly.

Assemble the Recorder

They come in two or three pieces.

1) Top part (head joint) has the mouthpiece.


2) Middle part (body) has the finger holes and…


3) Bottom part (foot-joint) has a bell-shaped opening.

Middle and bottom parts may be attached.

Line up the Holes

The mouthpiece opening (top part), the six finger holes (middle part) and one finger hole (bottom part) should all be on the same side. This is the front of the recorder.

*One hole is on the backside.

Holding the Recorder – Left Hand

Put your left thumb on the backside hole.

then put the first 3 fingers of left hand on top 3 holes in front of the recorder.

The fourth finger “pinky” of the left hand is never used.

Holding the Recorder – Right Hand

Your right thumb goes in back of the recorder for support.

It does not cover a hole.

Place the bottom 4 fingers of your right hand on the bottom 4 holes of the recorder.

Blowing into the Recorder

With the mouthpiece on your lower lip, bring your upper front teeth down on the mouthpiece. Close the remaining space around the mouthpiece. Do not “bite”. Cover only left thumb and left index finger holes. Blow gently into the recorder.

*This is the note B.


  1.  If you squeak, be sure the holes are completely covered.
  2. Do not blow too hard.
  3. It may help to think of “exhaling” into the instrument, rather than blowing.