Your First Sound

Wow! It’s time to have some fun and make a little noise.

1) Always place left thumb

on the back recorder hole.

2) Left fingers 2,3 and 4

cover the top three holes.

3) Right hand thumb is placed on back for support. It goes behind the 4th hole.

4) Remaining holes will be covered by right hand fingers 2, 3, 4 and 5.

5. Correct playing position.

A) With your hands in position, place the mouthpiece on your lower lip. Bring your upper front teeth down on the mouthpiece very gently, then close the remaining space around the mouthpiece.

B) Blow gently into the recorder. Open and close different holes while you blow. Have fun and make some noise.



  • “How do we know which holes to close?”
  • “When do we blow?”
  • “When do we stop blowing?”

You’re going to learn the answers in Module 3: Reading Music.