How To Read Music

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Module 3: Reading Music logo for website

Introduction to Notes

Learning to read music is really very simple. Instead of reading words, you read NOTES. logo for website

Counting Notes

Understanding notes is very similar to understanding basic math. They both require you to count. logo for website

Counting Rests

For every type of note, there is a rest of the same value. logo for website

Pitch / The Staff / Treble Clef

Pitch tells you how High or Low a sound is. logo for website

Names of Notes

Learn to call each note by its full name.

how to read music-see it, say it, play it by Paul Babelay
Paul Babelay - author of How To Read Music: See it, Say it, Play it.

Paul Babelay


(aka “The Vibe Guy”) is an American vibraphonist, percussionist, drummer and composer.  Ray Hair, President of the American Federation of Musicians says, “I would categorize his musicianship and performance ability to rate among the top five (5) percent of all professional musicians throughout the United States and Canada”.