Recognize – Sound it out – Perform

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Module 4: SSP Basics logo for website

The Goal

Our goal is multi-dimensional, but very simple. Recognize a rhythm, sound it out, and play it back on your instrument. logo for website

First Note - Third Line B

In this lesson we learn WHAT the note is, WHERE it is found on the staff, and HOW the note is fingered on the recorder. logo for website

Counting Lesson #1

We will begin to learn how to count ten notes, twenty notes… or even a thousand. logo for website

Time Signatures

These two numbers may be the most important numbers you’ll ever learn! logo for website

Write, Clap & Play

You’ll never learn to read music well if you don’t understand Rhythm – the most basic element of music. logo for website

Send Off

We’ve looked at many symbols and terms. Now it’s time to use them in a musical context – one note at a time. You’re ready to play along with the band.

how to read music-see it, say it, play it by Paul Babelay
Paul Babelay - author of How To Read Music: See it, Say it, Play it.

Paul Babelay


(aka “The Vibe Guy”) is an American vibraphonist, percussionist, drummer and composer.  Ray Hair, President of the American Federation of Musicians says, “I would categorize his musicianship and performance ability to rate among the top five (5) percent of all professional musicians throughout the United States and Canada”.