Write & Clap & Play

In this lesson you will write your own rhythm exercises. Then you will count, clap and play them too.

Writing your own Rhythms


You’re going to practice writing notes and rests.

The Time Signature is your guide. Each number is a key to reading and writing music.

  • Top Number tells us HOW MANY notes are in each measure
  • Bottom Number tells WHAT KIND of note gets one beat.

Here is your blank worksheet to print multiple copies and practice.

Click this link to download your blank worksheet.

After you follow the directions, your worksheet will look something like this:

Download my example by clicking this link.

  1. Take your time and
  2. always refer to the time signature.
  3. All notes and rests must equal 4 counts.

It can be any combination of notes and rests, AS LONG AS it equals the time signature numbers.


More Time Signatures