The Goal

The goal is to be able to see written music, say it out loud, and play it on the recorder. You will soon not even think about it, and the process will become second nature.

See and Recognize the Rhythms

  • Length of sound
  • Length of silence
  • Pitch (how high or low)

Say the Rhythms out loud

In the beginning stages, you must “sound it out”, just like when you learn to read.

Be precise. You are learning a new language.


The Instrument does the Talking

Playing the recorder makes you speak the language of music, not just memorize notation symbols. As your vocabulary grows, you will speak/play more naturally.


As you’ve heard many times, music is a language.

So, we’re going to learn this language just like you learned your own.

It’s a natural process that combines sight, sound, recognition and recall.

Plus… reading your ABC’s was also accompanied by writing them with paper and pencil. Yes – we’ll do that some too. You will practice writing notes and rhythms, just like in elementary school.

Practice makes perfect, and little by little, one-note-@-a-time... you’re reading simple sentences (rhythms & melodies).